06 octobre 2006

Gallon Drunk

Basse ronflante, guitare au son de casserole, voix qui résonne du fond du garage, …
Un chef-d’œuvre du genre.

Gallon Drunk - Tonite The Singles
(Rosebud ROBCD9108)

01 - The Last Gasp (Safety)
02 - Rolling Home
03 - Snackepit
04 - Miserlou
05 - Ruby
06 - Draggin' Along
07 - May The Earth Open Here
08 - Please Give Me Something
09 - The Whirlpool
10 - Gallon Drunk

mp3@VBR - 67.30 MB
pw : rockandrollanotherone.blogspot.com

15 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

excellent choice but the pass doesn't seem to work…
any suggestions?

Anonyme a dit…

excellent post – trouble with the password
any clues?

Anonyme a dit…

the password doesn't seem to work
any help please?

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

the matter is probebly your software.

try on the command line something like:

unrar x Gallon_Drunk-Tonite_The_Singles.rar

and enter password when ask.

If it doesn't work, tell me what is your OS and software.

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for your advice but it still doesn't work

mac os x
using stuffit 10.0

Anonyme a dit…

many thanks for your advice but it still doesn't work

mac os x
stuffit 10.0

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Stuffit fail sometimes on rar files.

Install the command line unrar, and run the command above. It never fails, except when files are corrupted.

If you’re using DarwinPorts, open terminal.app and install unrar with this command line :

sudo port –v install unrar
(You'll be ask for the administrator password)

If you’re using Fink, you probably can install unrar with the graphic interface (I don’t really know how does this one work).

If you don’t use any of the two above, you may have install unrar by the hand. Like this :

Download the binary : http://rarlab.com/rar/rarosx-3.6.0.tar.gz
I suppose it will be put on the Desktop

Open terminal.app, and unpack it

cd Desktop
tar xvzf rarosx-3.6.0.tar.gz

Enter in the directory that was create

cd rar

And install it

sudo cp -v rar unrar /usr/bin
(You’ll be ask for administrator password)
sudo cp -v rarfiles.lst /usr/etc
sudo cp -v default.sfx /usr/lib

If any error message, let me know.

Else, you can now run the command line that I give you for unpacking rar files.

No licence is requiring for using unrar.

Davi a dit…

hello, could send the correct password to unpack it to my e-mail: modusoperandi4@yahoo.com.br

Thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Password is:



Bell Hamm a dit…

if you copy and paste make sure you don't copy an extra space at the end and that you are only copying the text. otherwise just type it in, it should work fine.

Anonyme a dit…


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Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

Password is not:


Password is:


Works 100%

Anonyme a dit…

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