17 septembre 2006

The Stairs

Ce groupe de Liverpool formé autour d'Egar Jones, également appelé Edgar Summertyme, n'a eut qu'une brève carrière. Un seul album à son actif, enregistré en 1991/92, mais au son sixties particulièrement affirmé (et même en mono !).

Malgré son titre, l'album n'est pas un recueil de R'n'B, mais de pur rock anglais, à la façon des Who ou des Yardbirds. Toutefois, un emprunt vraiment flagrant aux Stooges dans "Right In The Back Of Your Mind".

Mexican R'n'B
Go! Discs 828315-2 - 1992

01 - Intro
02 - Mary Joanna
03 - Mr Window Pane
04 - Out In The Country
05 - Laughter In Their Eyes
06 - Sweet Thing
07 - Russian R'n'B (The World Shall Not Be Saved)
08 - Right In The Back Of Your Mind
09 - Flying Machine
10 - Mexican R 'n' B
11 - Take No Notice Of The World Outside
12 - Mundane Mundae
13 - When It All Goes Wrong
14 - Wrap Me Round Your Finger
15 - Weed Bus
16 - Woman Gone And Say Goodbye
17 - Sometimes The World Escapes Me
18 - Fall Down The Rain
19 - Outro

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Plus : une interview d'Edgar Summertyme

6 commentaires:

Fred a dit…

les Stairs, excellent !!!
on me l'avait preté y'a bien longtemps et depuis je ne le retrouvais plus.
J'adore Russian R'n'B...

Anonyme a dit…

man you are a genius!!!!!!!!!!!
my wife saw them live in the 90's and still insist today that they were the best band in the world ever. we've been looking for this for years you can't imagine how thanfull we are.

Anonyme a dit…

superb, some tunes very simalar to the rolling stones (but funkier if you ask me), which is no bad thing. Thanks very much for this!!

Anonyme a dit…

quality thanks :) :)just ashame they split , and so long ago, :( :(

Anonyme a dit…

thank you so much.

i wore out my old cassette of this years ago. The 7inch EP i have came with 'Stairtex' sandpaper for cleaning CDs. :)

E.Baba a dit…

Yes i see VBR but has resulted in very low KBPS. Thanks anyway.